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Student workload assessment together with student survey was held


Analysis of Undergraduate University study for Wood technology section and Faculty of Forestry Analysis have proven wide a range of time-tables for one ECTS credit. Faculty of Forestry Commission for re-accreditation in its Final Report recommended that allocated ECTS credits for each courses need to be adjusted. As a part of project objective it is envisaged that allocated ECTS credits with an assessment of student workload will be adjusted.
Since the proper allocation of ECTS credits to its courses is ground measure for a quality of study program, each professor must know the basic elements of the student workload assessment. Therefore, Workshop of student’s workload assessment was organized, where Croatian Qualifications Framework expert Ms. Milena Sakoman explained professor’s proper use of ECTS credits.
Team leaders for Development of qualification standards for Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Wood Technology study have developed a questionnaire for the calculation of ECTS credits per course. Based on the acquired theoretical knowledge from the workshop, professors received questionnaires (everyone for his course) which they filled up after the workshop.
Student of Wood Technology Section, Faculty of Forestry have been interviewed about their workload assessment where their answers have served as an essential element for proper assessment of their workload.